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1-2 Months Prior to Your Big Day

1-2 Months Prior to Your Big Day

Visit the formalwear shop to get measured for the groom, groomsman, best-man and ring-boy. Order tuxedoes and other form of clothing for all.

Decide on any possible activities after the reception. A little bit of history: It is said that the bride’s family along with the bride, groom, best-man and maid-of-honor and close relatives of theirs go over the groom’s parent’s house for a cup of tea and sweets after the reception as a sign of respect for his parents.

If you are planning on giving out favors or keepsakes, get started with putting bits and pieces together. (You should start buying the pieces ahead of time. This is when you officially want to get people together and get started on putting it together). You may also order favors from vendors. Keep in mind that a favor is a small gift to express your appreciation. Always remember, it is a good idea to attach a miniature card and add a personal touch. Prepare with heartfelt message, monogram or poetry. Think of these as tiny greeting cards that should accompany each of the favors you have prepared for your guests. This is a wonderful opportunity to say Thank You!

Remind bridesmaids of final gown fitting alterations and pending accessories that they might need

Changing your last name. His would be the time to do so since you already have your new address and other specifics.

Plan on the Flower Preservation process. Discuss pick up time and weather preparation requires before pick up. Make sure to include your hubby’s boutonnière along with your bouquet.

Obtain your marriage license.

Arrange all insurance (health, auto, etc.) to include both you and you’re soon to be husband.

Work out wedding day timing and details and draw up a schedule.

Arrange to move your belongings to new home.