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10 Fun Activities to Help Kids Beat Summer Boredom (Part 1)

10 Fun Activities to Help Kids Beat Summer Boredom (Part 1)

Summer is a great time of year. But it is also a time when mom life gets a whole lot harder! Without school to keep them busy, kids tend to get bored and stir crazy. Which means that moms, well, sometimes we are just at our wits end! Thankfully, BRIDE.WIFE.MOM has tons of tips to keep you sane! Here are some great ideas to help your kids beat summer boredom (so you can get a few minutes to breathe every day)!

1. Water painting. 

This works especially well toddlers. Give your kids some old paint brushes and a bucket of water and ask them to paint the deck. As the wood darkens from being wet, they will feel like they are actually painting! It can keep them busy for hours.

2. Sidewalk chalk. 

This is one summer activity that is super easy on moms. All you need is a bucket of chalk and your driveway. You can sit back in a lawn chair and read a book or catch up with friends as your kids turn your driveway into a crazy, colorful piece of art!

3. Competitive sports. 

When your kids are little, they will love simply kicking around a soccer ball in the backyard with their friends or siblings. As they get older, the stakes get higher! Competitive sports are healthy for kids and for moms (because you get some free time during practice).

4. An outdoor playset. 

These things really never get old. Swings, slides, ladders, and monkey bars can keep children of all ages occupied for quite some time. Some outdoor playsets even have mini rock climbing walls! YES!!

5. Make-believe. 

Summer is a great time to encourage your kids’ imagination! Let them set up their own restaurant, with mud pies and salads made out of grass. Let them gather sticks and pinecones and pretend they are provisions for their trip into the depths of the jungle. Let them pretend they are dinosaurs or other animals. Just make sure the make-believe play doesn’t become violent!

That’s all for now, but stay tuned! We have more great ideas coming your way!