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12 Hacks for Common Beauty Problems

12 Hacks for Common Beauty Problems

We’ve all been there: You’re almost ready to start your day when a beauty problem threatens to derail your routine and make you late. Fortunately, there are some quick and easy hacks to solve some of the most common beauty problems! Here are 12 to try:

1. Your lipstick looks way too bright.

The Hack: Blot your lips with a tissue, then apply a deeper shade from the same color family over the current color to balance out the brightness.

2. You’ve got a case of raccoon eyes due to too-light concealer.

The Hack: Dip an eyeshadow brush into your lightest shade of bronzer and gently tap it over the concealer, blending as you go.

3. You over-applied your eyeshadow and now it looks cakey.

The Hack: Using a clean, soft eyeshadow brush, pull the color across your lids to lessen the intensity.

4. Your mascara is clumpy.

The Hack: Run a clean, dry spoolie brush on the other side of your lashes to break up the clumps and smooth the hairs.

5. Your blush looks too heavy.

The Hack: Lightly brush translucent powder over the color to neutralize the tone–much easier than wiping it off and starting over.

6. You woke up with a pimple.

The Hack: Hold an ice cube against it for a few seconds to reduce swelling, then apply Visine directly on it to reduce redness and irritation.

7. Your pores are large and overly visible.

The Hack: Run an ice cube over the affected areas to instantly shrink the pores, then apply your foundation as usual.

8. Your eyeliner is bleeding.

The Hack: Apply eyeshadow primer on top of the line on your upper lashes, and at the outer ends of the bottom lids’ line, to seal the liner.

9. Your cream-based eyeshadow is creeping.

The Hack: Run a cotton swab over the color to absorb the excess oil that causes cream formulas to spread.

10. Skipping a wash has left you with greasy hair. 

The Hack: Apply either salt or baby powder to a paddle brush and brush through strands.

11. You smudged your lipstick as you were applying it.

The Hack: Dip a cotton swab into your foundation and use it to “erase” the smear.

12. You applied too much perfume.

The Hack: Soak a cotton round in rubbing alcohol and rub it over the spot to neutralize the scent.