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2-1 Day Prior to Your Big Day

2-1 Day Prior to Your Big Day

Visit the Nail Salon and get your nails done.

Pick up your gown and other related items. Make sure you have arranged to have a manikin to hold your gown.

If there are still pending items outstanding, make a To-Do-List and make sure you distribute responsibilities to different people. You do not want to be left with everything a day before the wedding.

Discuss the set up options of the place cards and favors with the designated person.

Spend as much time as possible with parents and siblings.

Make sure all items for the Big Day are ready:

-Guest Book and Pen
-Decorated plates
-Cake knife and server
-Toasting flutes
-Dancing handkerchiefs
-Ring Pillow and/or Bible

Run down the agenda for the day and get yourself familiarized with the timing.

Prepare a small purse to contain the following:

-Foundation/Blot Powder
-Lipstick/Lip liner/Lip Gloss
-Other items which you think will be beneficial

Entrust wedding bands and civil marriage license to best man.

Try to relax and get plenty of rest!