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2-4 Months Prior to your Big Day

2-4 Months Prior to your Big Day

Have a scheduled trial-run with hair and makeup. Talk to your hair and makeup designer and schedule a day to go in and have your hair and make-up done to an extend where you feel comfortable as to how you will look on your Big Day.

Start distributing invitations! Purchase postage and begin addressing invitations. If you are planning on hand delivering some of the invitations, get started earlier to give yourself more time. Make yourself a log to keep track of whom you have given to and how many guests in total you are expecting. This will help you when it comes down to making sitting arrangements and also when giving the caterer/hall the final number of guests expecting.

Set a date to get your marriage license. Remember that once you receive the license it will expire in 90 days. So plan on going about 2 months before your wedding day.

Choose and buy any accessories the groom will need on the day of the wedding. He will need (if not included in rental package) shoes, shirt stays, cuff links, and pocket squares.

Confirm honeymoon reservations including air fare and other documentations that you will need to have with you on the day of departure.

Order wedding cake if the reception hall does not provide (usually reception halls do provide with contract).