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2 Major Bridal Diet Trends For 2018

2 Major Bridal Diet Trends For 2018

Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day but there is particular pressure put on the bride. Photographers and videographers tend to follow the bride more than any other attendees and there is often more money invested into the bridal attire than the groom’s attire. This has lead to many brides attempting a variety of diets to help them look their best on their wedding day.

As 2018 has progressed, two bridal diets have clearly become the most popular, thanks to the results that many brides have had as they followed the diet plans.

21-Day Cleanse Diet
A 21-day cleanse diet is not a quick weight loss diet and you should be wary of anyone telling you that it is the case. The cleanse diets which make these claims often restrict calorie intake to 800 calories or fewer a day, which is dangerous to your overall health. Even following a bad cleanse short-term can cause hair loss, skin dullness, and weaken your teeth.

When done properly, a 21-day cleanse can result in the loss of 10 lbs at most. This makes a 21-day cleanse best to ward off bloating and to pack in more vitamins to encourage a glowing appearance on the big day. Key factors to following a healthy 21-day cleanse diet are:

Replace no more than 2 meals with smoothies (if you choose them as part of your cleanse).
Cut all processed foods (fast food, canned food, frozen food, etc) out of your life.
Focus on vegetable and fruit consumption, with an emphasis on vegetables.
At most, eat lean meats (poultry, fish) once a day.
Meal Delivery Service
As the average age for marrying becomes higher, more brides-to-be are also career women who find it difficult to plan a wedding around their already busy lives. To help accommodate busy people everywhere, meal delivery services have risen in popularity. However, there are some things you should take into consideration before you decide to use a meal delivery service as part of your bridal weight loss plan.

Pros of meal delivery

Takes the stress out of planning dinner
Most can be tailored to your dietary restrictions
Generally easy to assemble and cook
Healthier than eating out
Cons of meal delivery

Can be more costly than developing your own dinners
Often only extends to one meal a day
Does not necessarily help with weight loss unless incorporated into an overall weight loss plan
More than anything, when it comes to your diet leading up to your wedding day, focus on eating with intention. Planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful even for the best-supported bride, and many people turn to food when under stress which can lead to significant weight gain as well as bloating. Don’t let stress overwhelm you and try to keep low-calorie snacks on hand for when the stress urges become too much.