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2 Weeks Prior to Your Big Day

2 Weeks Prior to Your Big Day

Finalize your invitation log and see if you need to make final calls or confirmations. Start by drawing out the hall and the table locations. Find out how many people you can fit on each table (usually 10-12 people on the regular round tables). Then start on filtering your list and figure out the following:

Decide on if you will be having the entire wedding party sit on the main table, or will you just want yourself, the groom, best-man and the maid-of-honor?

Will you have a separate table for the bridesmaids and the groomsmen?

Decide on which tables you would like to be filled by closer friends, family and elders.

Once you have the above steps finalized, you will be filling out the place cards. Provide a print out of the list to someone who you will be assigning to be outside greeting your guests when they arrive.

Finalize the menu with the caterer/hall. Finalize menu for alcohol and cake (if part of contract) Go over the contract and make sure that the contract includes everything that you initially discussed.

Confirm all professional services

-Transportation Company
-Cake Delivery
-Wedding Planner

Plan a wedding pre-party for all the members involved in the wedding. Discuss details and assign each person’s responsibilities. For example: who will be putting the plate in front of the bride and groom when entering the hall? How will the group be entering the hall when greeted by the band? Prepare to give everyone a small gift to thank and appreciate their assistance with planning your Big Day and also for being part of such a special occasion. Confirm time for all the wedding party members as to where to meet.

If you are planning on having an enlarged portrait for the wedding day to be displayed and to have guests write well wishes, arrange photography arrangements.

Double check attire and accessories for yourself and for all the wedding party members.

Schedule appointment with Nail Salon.

Prepare your toasts or thanks to friends and family for the Big Day.