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2011 Summer Wedding Color Trends

2011 Summer Wedding Color Trends

What’s great about weddings this year? Colors! If you’re about to get married this year then it’s time to have some fun with those shades. Thinking about the color motif usually is the most exciting part of wedding planning and many blushing brides get the chance to pick the color they love the most. This year, it’s all about a touch of soft vintage while giving out a hint fresh colors. Many designers and wedding consultants are excited about the diversity and freshness of this year’s wedding colors because couples are now slowly “not playing it safe” — which is very appealing to our era. From earthly colors to bright colors, the weddings of this year truly are interestingly beautiful.

When it comes to planning for a summer wedding, it is always best that you plan ahead of time. Summer is considered to be the most saturated time for weddings and it is vital that you have it scheduled six months ahead. Once you have decided on the basics such as the venue, guests, features, bouquet and designers, then everything will definitely run smoother right after. Of course, the one true thing you really need to decide on is the color motif. What are the 2011 summer wedding color trends that you should look at?

During the summer time, it is best to choose a color that would make everyone feel comfortable. Bright colors will be a great choice for everybody if the wedding will be made on a daylight or icy pastel for that evening wedding.

However, don’t forget the rule that the perfect color is the bride’s color. What color makes you look beautiful? Also, let’s not forget the basic tricks: choose the one that will not clash with the color and the design of the background of the ceremony. For the bride and groom, it is also advised that the color you choose will not make you blend with the dress of others and with the flowers so that you will stand out in the pictures.

Also, earthly tones are quite a hit this year. As long as you make sure that you make use of blends, it will be beautifully done. Blending is pretty easy. For example, the color of your choice is lilac. Blend in some lavender, pink, violets and fuchsia and voila — you got yourself a well-blended wedding color motif. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with color. As long as the colors work perfectly well, it will be a hit. A wedding planner who is particularly adept with color combination and planning can help you with this one.

Bright colors are getting trendier as we go deeper with the year. And many weddings are becoming brightly fun and exciting too! Colors can definitely set in the mood of a wedding reception so research your color very well.

Of course, you don’t really have to go with the trend to plan a wedding. Sometimes, sticking to what you want will do the trick. Besides, this is the one of the most romantic and memorable days of your life. Better have it your way.