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Get Married in 2016! Trends to Look Out For This Year

Get Married in 2016! Trends to Look Out For This Year

We’ve rung in the new year and are already looking forward to a 2016 full of gorgeous brides, luxurious weddings, and happy ceremony days. So what exactly will be the biggest trends in the wedding world for 2016?

Glitz and Glam

Metalics are exploding everywhere! Look for gold and silver to adorn invites and “save the dates,” but also to become central pieces to decor, seating, linens, and even the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Intimate Seating

The days of huge round tables that seat 14 guests are disappearing. More and more, couples are opting for seating that brings about a closer sense of family and intimacy — think long family-style dinner tables, as well as smaller round tables that only seat 6 or so people.

Crowdsourced Images

While the wedding photographer isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, people are relying more on their guests to provide the happy Kodak moments from their big day. Create a unique hashtag to use at your event and encourage guests to flood social media with your pictures!

Highlights Reel

Some couples are choosing to go with video over photo this year. Instead of curating hundreds of pictures that tell their story, they’re instead having videographers create unique mini-documentaries of the wedding day — from the bride getting ready, to the ceremony, to the big party.

Live Music

DJs long held the scene for weddings — they were cheaper than a live band, and you could get all your favorite songs played on your big day. This year, though, people are going the live route. Whether you chose an 8 piece jazz group with horns or a more intimate string quartet, live music is the way to go.

Non-Floral Centerpieces

2016 is going to be a big year for “organic” components. Cookie cutter design is going out the window, and couples are opting for more natural-looking decor to fill their wedding day with. Centerpieces made from driftwood, feathers, antlers, or photos are just a few of the trends we’re seeing!

Custom Cocktails

Everyone loves to drink at a wedding, so why not design something that’s truly unique to you? We’re seeing cocktails that are reminiscent of the season, location, and couple themselves — get creative, and work to design a cocktail that speaks to you and your wedding day!