Christmas is behind us and the New Year is finally here, however, we are all left holding that worn-out feeling that came about thanks to us rushing around town trying to get s@#% done. While all that “doing of the stuff” was inevitably stressful, don’t stress… you don’t have to look like a haggard, troll baby from an Instagram don’t while you recover from the holiday season. Here are 4 weird-but-effective tips that can help you shave time off you beauty routine and solve a few problems in the process… you know, so that you can finally go die in a corner peacefully.

Make Your Fragrance Last All Day by Spraying It Behind Your Knees.

Don’t feel like getting your shower today? Try this. Spray your fragrance behind your knees. Fragrance experts say that it is the one area of your skin that makes the prime spot for all day wear. Another area to try? Your hair. It gives the fragrance more to adhere to without the oily substances that can wash fragrance off your skin.

How to Pee in Rompers… We’re Sorry. It Had to Be Said.

You are undoubtedly left over with plenty of fancy party rompers and you may even want to work them into your everyday wardrobe. You probably already know that rompers are like the calculus of bathroom math, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be solved. Rompers can be convenient (seriously) and totally doable for post-holiday outings. Before you, um, go… simply pull your romper to the side instead of letting it fall to the floor. (Who knows what lurks on that public bathroom floor!)

Use Dryer Sheets to Secure Fly Aways.

You remember that festive moment when you walked up to the local Old Navy, pulled on that trendy metal door handle in your knit, chunky hat and then proceeded to static-electric-shock yourself? Yea. It’s still cold out there and that’s still gonna happen. This doesn’t only hurt like hell, but it also makes your hair look like the before ad for Frizz Ease. Carry a dryer sheet in your purse and rub it on your hair to secure fly aways. Bonus perk: You’ll smell like Snuggle all day and maybe skimp a shock or two.

Line the Top Rim of Your Eyelash Curler to Flawlessly Apply Liner and Curl at Once.

Ok. So, you typically won’t be too concerned about a full-on-glam eyelashes while you recover from the holidays, but just in case you are the exception, you can hit the bathroom for a quick and accurate eye session that helps you get things done faster. All you need to do is line the rim of your eyelash curler, press and go. You may want to try this at home a time or two before you pull it out of your arsenal, but if you are careful to apply the curler close to the lash line, you’ll come away looking on point every time.

As you brave the New Year’s sales and all-around returning to real-life, may your heart be light… and your mirror always reveal what we already know. Girl, you’re beautiful… even during a midnight BOGO sale. You got this.