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2018 Fall Fashion Trends to Get Wrapped Up In

2018 Fall Fashion Trends to Get Wrapped Up In

With fall just around the corner, naturally, we start daydreaming about all the fun trends we saw emerge on the 2018 Fall/Winter runways. It is interesting how so many designers can be on the same page about what looks are going to be in fashion. And this year, there seems to be more trends than ever before with homages to certain decades, textures and prints, to name a few. With such a variety of trends unfolding before our eyes, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone whether your style is funky and bold, or clean and classic. Here is a look at some of the most popular looks that can elevate your style for the next year.

The Power of Prints

No matter what designer floats your boat, they were all about prints for their F/W 2018 looks, which is great. Pretty much any print you can think of will be on trend in the next coming months. Animal and floral prints seemed to be the most prevalent. Animal prints are classics that can surprisingly work as neutrals while adding distinctive personality to almost any look. You could go bold with a full-on oversized leopard print coat like Givenchy or you could go more subdued with a zebra-striped purse like Saint Laurent, the possibilities are really as endless as they are timeless. Floral prints were also a major feature with almost every designer having their own version. There were the small and colored, textured flowers of Christian Dior and Dolce & Gabbana, the tropical oversized florals of Balenciaga and even a new abstract floral print that Saint Laurent and Giambattista Valli were rocking.

Other prints that are guaranteed to be in style are western style, Aztec prints. Some are busy and look like your grandmother’s quilt, other’s are more simple and oversized. Plaid is still going strong as well as her cousins, herringbone, and houndstooth. And of course, you can never go wrong with stripes especially if they are condensed and textured, think Chanel and Missoni.

Retro 70’s and 80’s

The 70’s has never looked so great as on the Christian Dior runway. Each model wore oversized color shades and baker boy hats. There was old-school sheath dresses, crochet, retro prints and even the colors of burnt orange and mustard yellow played tribute to that fun decade. And Christian Dior was not the only one to be inspired, other designers that embraced this decade’s noticeable charm was Prada, Giambattista Valli, and Saint Laurent.

The 80’s were also a popular inspiration. In particular, Marc Jacobs was most obvious with his 80’s tribute, from the oversized hats all his models were featured wearing to the oversized jackets and prominent use of bold colors and leather. Other designers embraced the oversized outerwear trend as well. Saint Laurent featured some models with similar oversized hats and Versace’s prints/color combinations were vibrant and bold. If you could describe the 80’s with one word, bold would be accurate and that is exactly what these designers were going for.

Texture and More Texture

      Textures of every variety were embraced. The most prominent being leather. Hermes, Versace, Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs and Isabel Marant were all on the same page. Every designer had a different take for the classic leather jacket or leather trench coat. Leather pants and leather combined with other materials like fluffy shearing were popular. Shearing, fluffy coats and faux fur with bold prints were prominent amongst many different designer’s runways.

As part of the western-inspired looks, fringe was a popular detail on jackets, purses, pants, dresses, even shoes. The whole spectrum of fabric was utilized in one way or another. Textured prints like florals and stripes were used by a variety of designers as well as metallics and sequins.

Take Me to the Future

     When we think of “futuristic fashion” we often think of metallics. Tom Ford featured a silver, metallic power suit. Calvin Klein debuted an oversized dress that looked like aluminum foil, in a good way. Christian Dior showcased an oversized silver bomber jacket. Balmain and Prada took the fringe trend to new levels by applying it to futuristic iridescent materials. Iridescent, opaque and luminescent materials like sequins of various sizes are in vogue. Dresses that looked like they were made up of fish scales like Paco Rabanne and Sandy Liang looked effortlessly cool. A common thread was embracing glamour whether it is reflected in the 70’s and 80’s trends, texture and print trends or future trends.

Designers played with unique color combinations and color blocking like Prada and Maison Margiela mixing silver and yellow. Gold was also used by a variety of designers like Alberta Ferretti. For the next few seasons, if it is shiny, it is good.

Clean and Classic

     The final trend I found many designers implementing was the clean and classic look that, in my opinion, never goes out of fashion. Think simple neutral colors like navy blue, black and especially in this season, white. Tailored and flattering pieces with clean lines and a simplistic, classic design. Almost every designer had their own version of a long white dress and they all looked equally elegant and expensive. From Carolina Herrera to Valentino, they all were on the same page about how every woman should have at least one long and lean, not too tight, flowy white dress in their closet. With this look, it is all in the details, whether a little bit of texture, a smidgen of color, the dresses were understated but with personality.

Classics like a leather jacket, a floral dress, a menswear-inspired blazer, and tailored trousers were consistently featured but with the designer’s personal touches applied. So many trends implemented in so many different ways, with so many different materials guarantees that no matter which direction you are going with, chances are, you will be able to use one of these trends to your advantage. For more fun, fashion knowledge contact us, your Onestop fashion experts.