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2018 Fashion: How to Slay on Your Big Day

2018 Fashion: How to Slay on Your Big Day

Whether they’re a hopeless romantic or not, every woman has thoughts and plans of her future wedding day lingering in the back of her mind. While cake is delicious, and music keeps the party going, brainstorming the perfect dress is a fun pastime for future brides. Not sure what to wear on your big day? These fashion-forward tips for 2018 will help you to find a dress that will blow the crowd away!

A trend making its way into 2018 is the tea-length dress. This is never a bad idea. It puts a fun, playful spin on your wedding day, and it gives acknowledgement to vintage fashion!

The next dress trend… really isn’t a dress at all! That’s right! Wedding pants and suits are becoming all the rage for 2018! Not only is it a comfortable option, it is an option for women who don’t feel comfortable wearing dresses.

Off-the-shoulder styles are going to be a popular preference for 2018 brides! And who can blame them? The off-the-shoulder style provides a classy and timeless flair to a dress. It shows a small amount of skin while still maintaining a sense of sophistication.

Believe it or not, high collars are back in fashion! While some brides may want to show a little bit more skin, the high collar style is perfect for those wanting a more modest look for their wedding. The high collar adds extra coverage for brides not wanting to flaunt it all, while still being elegant.

To name a few, those are some styles expected to become popular in the coming year. No matter the venue, or theme for your wedding, this list has something for everyone. Either way, you’re sure to drop some jaws while strolling down the aisle!