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3-5 Days Prior to Your Big Day

3-5 Days Prior to Your Big Day

Your florist usually prepares all your flowers and stores in the refrigerators a day ahead. Make an appointment and go in and see how they look. The most important item is your bouquet. If the color is not exactly what you had imagined, ask to make changes by adding different color or fillers. Also make sure the ribbon used is what you had requested. Confirm delivery time and location for flowers.

Confirm honeymoon arrangements

Confirm and discuss the following with yourBand/DJ/Entertainment group

-Request background music as guests arrive

-Details on announcing the arrival of the wedding members and the bride and groom (provide a list of names and its order)

-Discuss timing and announcements for the following:

-Bride and Groom’s first dance
-Bride and Father-of-Bride Dance/First dance with parents
-Wedding party joining the dance floor
-Cake Cutting
-Bouquet Toss
-Garter Toss
-Last Dance for bride & groom (Mainly for the videographer)

Arrange transportation for after the reception.

Put final payments and cash tips in marked envelops and give to a designated person to distribute on the wedding day.

Provide the Wedding Day schedule to the photographer and videographer to capture all the special aspects of your special day.

Leave a copy of your honeymoon itinerary with someone in case of emergency.