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3 Of The Hottest Wedding Hair Trends For 2018

3 Of The Hottest Wedding Hair Trends For 2018

With the push to have everything perfect on your wedding day, it is common for many brides-to-be to try many hairstyles long before the big day. For brides getting married in 2018, there are 3 hair trends which are capturing all the attention.

Classic Wedding Updo

Unlike the highly feathered hairstyles of the 1980’s, the classic wedding updo has remained a top wedding trend. While there are variations on how the wedding updo is presented, the main style points remain:

  • Majority of hair gathered at the back of the head.
  • Most brides have a few loose, face-framing strands.
  • Can easily accommodate most veils.

Artistic Loose Braid Hair Trend

If you have never tried to achieve the elusive, artistic loose braid, you likely have no idea how hard it can actually be to create this hair trend. It has been popularized outside of weddings for its casual, yet elegant look, and it is the perfect look for the artsy, bohemian bride.

The basics of creating this look is to start with a braid. If you are doing a French braid, you will want to braid it moderately tightly, so you can mold exactly how loose you want the braid to be. Once the braid is complete, gently tug on one segment of the braid at a time. You may want to lightly hold the rest of the braid in place as you tug. Don’t try to make the segment perfect before you move on, as you are more likely to pull too much and need to start over. Just work section by section and go back after you have finished the first round of braid loosening.

There are many variations on the loose braid hair trend, so you have plenty to work with so you can decide what suits you best.

Subtle Hair Ornaments

Very few brides want to sport large tiaras on their wedding day, so a subtler wedding hair trend has emerged – dainty hair ornaments. These ornaments range from dried flower arrangements to cunningly crafted metal and gemstone hair combs. They can be placed anywhere around your hair, with hair in an updo, loose, or dressed half-up and half-down. The key thing is that all these subtle wedding hair ornaments gently draw attention to the bride, instead of stealing the show for themselves.

However, most important wedding hair trend of all is to stay true to yourself and your wedding vision. If the current trends aren’t what you are looking for your wedding day hairstyle, don’t feel like you need to appease any ridiculous society beauty standards. Just being your radiant, authentic self is enough to transform you into a gorgeous bride on your wedding day.