Father time can make our skin look less than youthful when we’re still young at heart. But the good news is, the right makeup (and the right application!) can make a big difference! It’s as easy as these three easy steps…

Step One: First, a Flawless Face 

Start with the three Ms: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Then, take moisture to the max by tapping serum over fine lines to smooth them before applying foundation. Using a wedge sponge, apply a creamy hydrating foundation where there are issues (such as redness); blend up and outward toward the hairline. (Apply sparingly to avoid caking!) Next, to decrease dullness, use a luminous foundation on your cheeks, jaw-line, and temples. Voila, a perfect canvas!

Step Two: Add a Bodacious Blush 

The right can be a huge help in your quest to look younger! It’s a must for adding a healthy flush to dull, dry cheeks. To choose the right color, go old-school and pinch your cheeks. Then, match that natural shade of your “real” blush to the store-bought stuff. Avoid formulas with glittery, pearlized or shimmery finishes – they can accentuate fine lines. Instead, apply a creamy formula at the apples of your cheeks and blend out toward your hairline. Formerly dry cheeks are now youthful and dewy!

Step Three: Lastly, Lucious Lips 

Lips give away our age quicker than you can say, “I once wore frosted pastel pink lipstick.” Reducing vertical lip lines and preventing dryness are both keys to younger-looking lips. Start by applying a base of lip balm, then add ultra-moisturizing lip color at the center of both lips; blend it out with a lip brush. (Always use a lip brush as it helps color adhere to lips and fill in lines better!) Press your lips together to set the color. Finally, dab a dot of shiny gloss to the center of your bottom lip to create instant (and painless) volume!