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4-6 Months Prior to Your Big Day

4-6 Months Prior to Your Big Day

If you are looking into renting attire for the groom, best-man and the groomsmen including the ring boy(s), start looking into different places that can offer packaged deals. Select a vendor and talk to them regarding the details and when all would need to go in for their measurements.

Usually the maid-of-honor or the bridesmaids schedule the bachelorette party. You really don’t have much to do with this but just make sure that the responsible party is aware and is planning on doing something if you wish. Just another reason to get together with the girls and have a great time!

Discuss the Wedding Day details with parents and family and come up with a schedule for the Wedding Day. You want to pay close attention to the morning activities. Will the groom’s family be arriving to the bride’s house to dress her into the gown or will they meet the bride and the bride’s family at the ceremony site? If the groom’s family will be arriving to the bride’s house, you want to discuss the arrangements.

If you have not had an Engagement Party and if you have not had your wedding bands blessed, you have two options: One would be to have your wedding ceremony extend to have the rings blessed, or to have a short ceremony in the earlier hours of the wedding day at the bride’s house. This will require you to invite members of your church for the ceremony.