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4 Glamorous Fashion Musts for a Very Vintage Wedding Night

4 Glamorous Fashion Musts for a Very Vintage Wedding Night

Those dangerous, silken curves, that luxe victory rolled hair and the most exaggeratedly glamorous lingerie the world had ever seen, vintage starlets have really helped to shape our modern idea of what it means to be sexy, drawing inspiration from stars like the legendary Lauren Bacall to the curvy Diana Dors. Your wedding night paired with the nostalgia of a world gone by is the perfect excuse to recapture the elegant style of your favorite starlets and pinups. You can recreate the magic that vintage represents with these four fashion staples that every modern pinup (or bride) should have in her armoire.

The Buxom Bullet Bra

40s and 50s vixens had a strikingly distinctive silhouette and this lingerie must-have played a large part in America’s fascination with sex kittens like Marilyn Monroe and big screen starlets like Gene Tierney. The bullet bra worked wonders for even smaller busts, sending breast outward not upward, and while it takes some dedicated shopping skills, you can still find bullet bras if you look on sites like Etsy where seamstresses dedicate themselves to reinventing this seductive shape for the modern muse.

Haute High Waisted Panties

Pinup girls from eras gone by are still celebrated today for their ability to be completely innocent and feminine while sex appeal glowed just beneath the surface. This was largely in part because there was something left to the imagination. High waisted panties gave the illusion of bare skin, whittling the waist and lifting the bum. All good reasons why this classic cut is still one every woman should have in her top drawer.

Tantalizing Thigh Highs

Synonymous with vintage appeal, high quality thigh high stockings add a hint of seduction to any item in the closet. Pair them with a fringed lingerie set and you are instantly channeling the golden age of burlesque. If you have never given the art of burlesque a whirl, it is well worth your time to pick up a few moves. They are simple and understated, easy enough for even beginning dancers and sexy enough to spice up the bedroom. Pair your look with a t-strap heel and back-seamed thigh highs to complete your Gatsby-esque look that is sure to receive rave reviews from your groom.

The Luxurious Long Line Bra

Bras with a longer waist line are often overlooked for their vintage appeal but underneath many of the dazzling gowns that graced film noir flicks were this shapely staple you never got to see. Long line bras with a demi curve and deep u-neckline were very popular during the golden age of Hollywood and they are still very easy to find today. Try one in a black lace, a favorite style of noir costume designers.

Whether you are a dedicated vintage-connoisseur or are just discovering the beauty of decades you never got to experience, reliving days gone by can be a fun way to spice up your look and your wedding week with an all new take on what sexy means to you.