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5 Healthy(ish) Cocktail Ideas

5 Healthy(ish) Cocktail Ideas

Are you watching your weight but feel hesitant about giving up your favorite drink? While alcohol is never really considered “good for you,” there are several ways to lighten up your favorite cocktail recipes. They key is to focus on using fresh fruit juices and stay far away from sugary, processed juices and mixers. Remember: the healthiest choice you can make with alcohol is to practice moderation.

Below are five lightened-up cocktail recipes:

Coconut LaCroix Margarita

This coconut margarita recipe from My Crazy Good Life uses fresh lime and coconut LaCroix. Feel free to substitute the LaCroix with any other of your favorite flavored sparkling waters for a perfect, refreshing summer sip.


You can still have your favorite brunch beverage! All you need is champagne and orange juice—just be sure that the orange juice is 100% orange juice and contains no added sugars. You can personalize your mimosa by replacing the orange juice with any other 100% fruit juice, such as pomegranate or cranberry.

Watermelon Mojito

This watermelon mojito recipe from Peanut Butter and Peppers uses watermelon, freshly squeezed lime juice, and club soda. One serving is less than 125 calories!

Skinny Rum and Coke

If you’re watching your calories, you can easily swap out the Coke in the classic Rum and Coke for a Diet Coke instead. Be cautious, though—although Diet Coke is zero calories, it does still contain artificial sweeteners, which may or may not be a part of your healthy lifestyle.


The classic Moscow Mule can be lightened up by choosing sugar-free ginger beer and fresh lime juice. Low Carbology has a tropical version of this recipe that would be perfect for warm weather. You can also choose to substitute a low-calorie vodka in place of the regular vodka for even less calories per drink.

It’s entirely possible to enjoy a few cocktails while still making healthy choices. For more recipe ideas, check out these articles from BuzzFeed and HIIT Weekly.