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5 Things Nobody Tells You When Trying On Wedding Gowns

5 Things Nobody Tells You When Trying On Wedding Gowns

1. Wear more make-up than you usually wear – Feel pretty, sexy and classy when trying on your gowns.  A little more makeup will give you a better feel of how it will come together on your Big Day.

2. Wear your good undergarments – When going around for the ‘Trying on Wedding Gowns’ process, you will be in and out of fitting rooms with gown assistance and will most probably have an audience when getting in and out of gowns so wear a nicer undergarment to show…No that’s not the real reason.  You want to wear good undergarments that will give you the most support wherever you need most.

3. Avoid accessories and extras – The focus should mainly be on the gown and how it will look on you.  Accessories and extras can always be added once you get a better feel of what style/look you are going with.

4. Make your Mama happy – Try on a dress that she has envisioned you in since the day you were born.  Let her have a moment even if you completely dislike the look.  And if she asks you to try on her wedding gown after she pulls it out of her storage, be nice and say something nice about it.

5. “Off the Rack Gowns” – These are sample sizes that will need to be gone to make room for new gowns.  If you have a strict budget and need the gown sooner than you thought, than this might be the better choice for you.  It will save you time and the money.