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6-8 Months Prior to Your Big Day

6-8 Months Prior to Your Big Day

Shop for and purchase wedding bands

Start experimenting with your beauty routines, such as self-tanners, facials, waxing, and etc.

Make sure your best-man and maid-of-honor are aware of what you expect of them.

Start looking for bridesmaid dresses. Choose your bridesmaids’ accessories and either purchase or pass along purchasing information.

Plan details with your floral designer. Make sure the flowers that you are requesting are available in that season. Sometimes you will get a specific color of a certain flower at different times of the year. Make sure to discuss all the details as far as type and color with your florist.

We all decide on getting into shape right before the wedding and with all the planning and stress, you find yourself only wishing you could have started earlier. Face the reality, the closer you get to the wedding, the less time you will have to do anything.

If planning on making favors, shop for individual pieces and schedule time to put together a sample.