Enhancing your beauty doesn’t have to mean shelling out the big bucks for department-store products. You can use stuff that’s already in your home to put your best face (and hands and hair!) forward. Here are seven all-natural tricks to try:

  1. Forced heat and winter winds can dry out your lips in no time. Fortunately, there’s a sweet fix. Just mix a little sugar with some olive oil to exfoliate away lip roughness. Wipe off gently. Follow with lip balm.
  2. The T-zone remains a problem for many of us well into adulthood (and you thought it’d end with your teens!). Nix oily skin by adding a few drops of lemon juice to your normal face lotion–bye-bye, shine!
  3. Everything from winter weather to doing the dishes can take a toll on your hands. Put olive oil in a spray bottleand spray onto hands using the mist setting at least twice a day, then massage into hands to keep them smooth and soft year-round.
  4. Ready to treat yourself to a spa day at home? This hair treatment couldn’t be any easier. Create a mask by combining one whole avocado and 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Apply and leave on for about 15 minutes and thoroughly rinse. This one’s especially great for gals with textured hair.
  5. No time to shampoo this morning? You can remedy unwashed hair in a flash. Freshen up by sprinkling salt onto a paddle brush and brushing it through. Then, just fluff and go!
  6. They’re not just for an afternoon pick-me-up–you can use tea bags for beauty! Squeeze two black tea bagsuntil only slightly damp and place it on closed eyes around 10 minutes; the caffeine and tannins reduce puffiness, eye bags, and dark circles.
  7. Take the pain out of tweezing brows by steeping a bag of chamomile tea for five minutes then dipping a cotton ball in it. Apply to skin before tweezing. The heat will dilate your pores so that the hairs will remove easily. Repeat after tweezing so that the chamomile has a second chance to soothe your skin post-plucking.