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8-12 Months Prior to Your Big Day

8-12 Months Prior to Your Big Day

Narrow down your gown choices and make final decisions. As you choose the style of your gown, think about how you might want to wear your hair.

Order gown and accessories; veil, lingerie, gloves and shoes. Remember that once you start on the alteration process, you will need your trousseau and shoes to go along.

Compile the guest list from both the bride and groom’s families. You might think that this process is rather not complicated, but trust me, this part might be the most difficult part of planning your wedding. You will always have last minute additions and you want to be ready for that.

Choose your best-man and maid-of-honor, and the rest of the wedding party, including bridesmaids, groomsmen, the ring boy, and the flower girl(s).

Plan the details of the reception. Focus and utilize everything you prefer and that is available to you. Plan from the grand entrance to cutting the cake, to finishing the night.

Order Invitation. I cannot emphasize how you should get an early start on this! If you are custom designing the invitations, be sure to give it extra time. Along with your invitations, make sure to pick out your place cards. Some wedding invitation vendors produce place cards with the same design as wedding cards.

Reserve Transportation. Decide whether you prefer a limousine or some exotic or Classic Car.

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