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DIY 80’s Babies Bachelorette Throwback

DIY 80’s Babies Bachelorette Throwback

The big day is approaching and she’s up for one last shindig with the girls to seal the single life. What better way to move on to the future than to show homage to the past. For all you 80’s babies out there, the 90’s was living the good life. To show the girls what you’re made of one last time, let’s hear it for the 90’s! Throw your best friend a 90’s Hip Hop themed bachelorette party.

Here are some great ideas to get started:

  1. Bring back those oversized jerseys and baseball caps that Mary J. had us falling in love with.
  2. Grab some oversized hats, baggy pants and condoms for those custom eye patches that Left Eye rocked flawlessly.
  3. You must include the oversized gold rope chains and huge hoop earrings to add some city style glamour.
  4. Shoot for the Aaliyah look with the feminine use of the bandana and a side bang. This girl had us all in love.
  5. Let your iPhone playlist be the DJ with a pre-set line-up and get an auxiliary cord to play it through the speakers.
  6. Locate a graffiti Hip Hop themed backdrop for those memorable photos and some discs to hang from the ceiling.
  7. Find a creative bakery to make a throwback cake decked out in cassette tapes, Adidas and even an MTV logo.

Make this an epic send-off in style. House parties were all the rave and no time did it better than the 90’s. Go for the gold ladies!