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A Love Story

A Love Story

It’s hard to imagine it has already been 14 years since the “day”.  The day that changed my future and what it has held.  It’s the story of two young kids that had no idea they were about to meet their soul mates.  It’s the day of our “love story”.

High school love… Everyone has experienced it.  Some regret to have lived it, but I, I treasure the simple meeting and what it brought to my life.  I had always heard of him.  I had heard stories told about him by his cousins and friends.  I was curious to know who this witty and funny character was.

In every famous love story or romantic film, the first meeting between two lovers is almost predictable.  The classical music softly begins and everything become slow motion.  The two lovers meet eyes and instantly fall in love.

For my husband and I it was similiar… except the music playing in the background was “Gangsters Paradise” and we were not experiencing anything in slow motion.  It was really not a love story moment. Except it was, it was a special moment and only he and I know it.   Eight years had to pass for us to finally know that we were meant to be together.  No matter who or what we experienced, we kept coming back to these two young hearts.

I still remember that look in his eyes the first day we met.  It was the same look he had in his eyes the day he asked me to spend the rest of our lives together. It was a look of hope, love, and warmth.  Those are the eyes I have fallen in love with…

Sent in by my very own sister, Linet!