Call it a muffin top or a spare tire… but whatever you do – don’t make the mistake of calling it permanent. No matter how many pounds you have to tackle, your body was made for change. From power snacks to trending workouts, these four stomach-targeting tips can help you conquer your core…

A is for Apples

Apples contain pectin which has been scientifically proven to help curb hunger longer. Replacing unhealthy snacks with an apple and a tablespoon of protein-packing peanut butter can keep you going until lunch or dinner without layering on the pounds.

B is Barre

Barre is a combination of ballet principles and Pilates muscle isolation.  It can help you to tone up muscles that will encourage your body to burn calories around the clock. As an added bonus, you’ll also become more flexible. The growing popularity of barre means that you should easily be able to find a class in your area. However, you can also do barre at home with a portable ballet barre that you can find at any dance supply store. Barres are actually quite beautiful too and they can add to your modern décor if you decide that you want a more permanent mainstay.

C is for Changing Up Your Wardrobe

Persistent exercise and a healthy diet pays off but while you wait for those results, simply changing up your wardrobe can not only create a thinner look but also help you discover hidden confidence. We are all hesitant to go up a size or two when shopping for jeans… but buying the correct size can actually make you look several sizes smaller. Remember, it is not about the number on your jeans – it is about how you look in them.

D is for Don’t Quit

When results do not come as fast you like or when you overeat and barrel past your daily calorie goal like a T-Rex at a pizza buffet… giving up is the worst thing you can do. We all have those days but remember that results take time. Also keep in mind that a binge- meal day does not have to turn into a binge-day or a binge-week. More often than not, when dieters go over their calorie goal, they decide that this is the point of no return, continuing to eat unhealthy foods for the rest of the day. Instead, when you go overboard, turn to healthy alternatives for the rest of the day to help set you back on track.

When you play it smart and stick to the basic principles of a healthier lifestyle, you WILL see change. It just takes time. Until then, celebrate who you are today… A to Z… because that someone is pretty amazing too.