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Add A Little Peacock To Your Big Day

Add A Little Peacock To Your Big Day

Peacocks are one of the most flamboyant birds around and with good reason. Their gorgeous tail feathers in striking green, gold and black definitely give them the right to strut about. The question is: how do you incorporate this into your wedding?

Now, I am quite against going all out and having giant peacock feathers on everything. That might make the wedding seem a bit garish. However, adding tasteful little peacock motifs here and there can help to bring out the right amount of exoticism and elegance for your big day.

One way to let your inner peacock shine is to choose a bridal gown that’s a shimmering and silky emerald or dark turquoise, and a simple bouquet of white flowers woven with two or three peacock feathers. The bridesmaids can be dressed in pale turquoise, white with heavy blue-green undertones, or even black if you want the entire venue to have a darker and more mysterious air. Of course, many of us might not to be that showy and want to have a white bridal gown. In that case, your bridal train can be longer than average in a fan shape reminiscent of a peacock tail. The cloth can also be embossed with peacock feather patterns, and you can add a striking bright teal or turquoise belt or sash around your waist, and a dark emerald engagement ring. More importantly, your makeup should revolve around green and blue hues. Your headdress should also include peacock feathers in one way or another.  There isn’t much room for variation in the groom’s outfit but you can try replacing the traditional black tie with an eye-catching metallic green one, and use a smallish peacock feather as part of the boutonniere.

With the bridal party ready to go, you can now turn to the smaller details of your wedding. Try using peacock feather patterns in your wedding invitations. A delightful idea that I came across was to have a rather large peacock feather pattern at the bottom of the invitation in quite subdued tones on antique-looking parchment. Flowing cursive writing goes particularly well with this design. You can even forgo the peacock colors and use only the patterns of peacock feathers. I think a silver peacock feather motif on a white or cream background will be particularly elegant, especially if your gown will be white in color. And, of course, don’t forget to use silky turquoise table cloths for the wedding dinner and, maybe even place a beautiful peacock feather beside the guests’ menus.