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All About The Bride

All About The Bride

As we would all agree, the bride is the center attention of the wedding. She must not only look as stunning as possible, but also have the energy and enthusiasm of a fun bride. With this said, make every effort to look and feel your best. The following are the cosmetic aspects which brides pay close attention to:

-Tanning – Give yourself three months to try tanning with different bronzers, beds and sprays. Decide on which method works well with your skin and stick to it!

-Bleaching/Dying Hair – You know the drill! The exact mix of dyes or same amount of bleach does not always give us the look we desire. Give yourself enough time to go back in case you are not happy with the results.

-Teeth Whitening – See which method (teeth whitening toothpaste, patches, dentist office bleaching) will work best for you. Find a local cosmetic dentist.

-Exercise – Recommended starting 6 months prior to the Big Day. Get in shape not only to look good but also to feel good. Find a local trainer.

-Hair Removal/Waxing (Eyebrows, upper lip, arms, armpits, bikini lines, etc.) – Make sure you go to the person that you usually go to. Don’t try to look for someone ‘better’ for the Big Day. Find a local salon.

-Nails (Manicure/Pedicure) – Try doing this couple of days before the Big Day to keep the fresh look.

-Schedule rehearsal time for makeup and hair – Make sure that both hair and makeup are done the way you prefer.

-Morning Dress – This is a dress that you will have on when the groom’s family arrives. (If you choose this route). Find a local gown shop.

-Gown and Gown Fitting – It is never too early to begin thinking about your gown. Start by figuring out a style that would look best on you. The following are some items which are complimentary to the gown:

-Emergency straps if your gown is strapless

-Tiara/Crown/Head Piece

-Veil (short &/or long)


-Wedding Trousseau (Bra, girdle, corset or slips) – Before you invest in expensive trousseau, check the return policy since many undergarments (especially those with underwire, whalebones, or other solid inserts) will show through the sheer, snug fabric of your gown. When buying undergarments, move around the dressing room, sit down and stand up several times and keep comfort in mind! Some may bunch, slide or jab you in unexpected places. Purchase all your gown requires in time for first fitting.

-Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed and Something Blue

-Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings and other Jewelry

-Shoes – Make sure you have found and purchased your wedding day shoes before you get your gown altered! You will need to stand in them to get an accurate measurement of the bottom hem. Many Brides purchase 2 pairs of shoes: One for the ceremony and to wear while taking photos, and another for the reception. Ballet slipper type shoes are popular as reception wear because they are comfortable, will protect your hose and keep you from slipping on the dance floor. Break your wedding shoes in at least 2 weeks before the Big Day. Walk around the house and keep them on for hours just to make sure you are extra comfortable.

-Garter and a second one for tossing – Or purchase a garter pocket too keep your tiny cosmetic items.

-Manikin to hold your gown up for photography purposes

-Emergency Kit – You probably laugh at all the ‘Emergency Kit’ lists that you see in magazines or web sites and you might think that it is not necessary, but think of the unexpected that might happen. Unfortunately, I experienced it, and I was glad to have my Emergency kit. Just pack some items, which you think might become handy.