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Alluring Wedding Jewlery Without a Big-Ticket Price

Alluring Wedding Jewlery Without a Big-Ticket Price

Many brides would say that the most important part of their wedding is finding their dress; the second most important would be their accessories. Regardless of style, every bride should adorn themselves in something glamorous whether it’s a bejeweled tiara or a simple pearl necklace. For those of you adding up the cost of your wedding, fine jewelry can sometimes take a back seat. No bride should have to suffer if she can’t afford to buy a diamond necklace or chandelier earrings.

Aside from the dress, jewelry is another personal touch that can make the big day that more memorable. From minimalistic to the most extravagant brides, there are pieces out there for every girl if she’s willing to look. It’s important to consider that while a wedding is one of the most important days in a girl’s life, it is just that – a day. Food is perishable and flowers will soon wilt, but should anyone break the bank for something they’re going to wear one time? Consider these more fugal, but no-less glamorous, alternatives when picking out your wedding jewelry:

Renting: While you’re out fitting your man for his tux, consider renting your jewels instead of a fully committed purchase. Check your local jewelry stores and see if renting is an option; celebrities borrow all the time for the red carpet! If it’s not, plenty of online stores offer a wide variety of glamorous pieces and up to a week in advance. High-end jewelry tends to be final sale – indecisive brides, this one is for you.

Costume: Trying on wedding dresses may feel a bit like playing dressing up, so why can’t your jewelry be costume? Several fashion designers create costume pieces that are found in the most popular department stores. Even the most critical of eyes can be fooled. Look absolutely stunning in the most lavish jewelry without the lavish price by taking a look at CZ and other alternative jewels; the only one who will know the difference is the jeweler.

“Thrifting”: With vintage being all the rage (lace, pearls, curly dos), rummaging thrift stores for an antique jewel might be the perfect touch for your wedding. Not only are thrift stores considerably lower in cost to begin with, some are willing to bargain with you. This option is a bit of a gamble, but finding the perfect cameo necklace to match your backless lace gown will add a little character and you’ve made memories along the way.

Something Borrowed: Weddings are the perfect time to gift family heirlooms. Grandma’s broach is stunning and there’s nothing like it now, and mom’s earrings would compliment your hair-do! This option is the most personal alternative and is special for more than just the bride. Jewelry passed down from generations or even among sisters can bring a wedding party closer together and keep the memory of loved ones fresh in mind as the bride walks down the aisle. Borrowing jewelry from the family will most likely cost you nothing but a good (possibly teary-eyed) time.

When choosing the right piece to go with your wedding gown, remember these alternatives before paying full price for something that may end up in a box. Wedding costs can be overwhelming, but there’s no need for fashion to suffer. You’ve hunted for the dress, next on your list: eye-catching jewelry.