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Andy & Shani’s Wedding

Andy & Shani’s Wedding

Reported by – Photo by Armen Asadorian Photography

To Iranian superstar Andy and longtime girlfriend and fellow-artist Shani, 11-11-11 11:11 was more than just an internet sensation — it was the beginning of their new life as a married couple. And it marked the start of an exuberant three-day celebration.

The couple’s family and close friends celebrated on Friday in a pre-wedding party in a mansion outside of Los Angeles. On Saturday, Andy and his bride Shani were joined by hundreds of their friends, family, fellow-artists, and media personalities in a big gala in Tagylan Ballroom in Hollywood. The reception was held earlier, at 6pm, at the close-by St. John Garabed Armenian Church.

Later in the evening, at around 8:30pm, the bride and groom entered the wedding hall where 500 guest cheered in joy and Andy’s longtime friend Shahram Shabpareh started singing a welcome song. Sattar followed him, and so did Shahram SolatiKamran & Hooman, and Faramarz Assef. Andy’s friend and former duo singer Korous opened the gala before Andy and Shani’s entrance.

Andy himself joined KorousMansourShahram SolatiAli DanialFarshid Amin,Shahab TiamPyruz, and Elcid as they performed the 1990′s Andy & Kouros hit song “Khodaye Asemoonha.”

Andy, Kouros, and Shahram Shabpareh also sang “Ey Ghashangtar Az Paria.” Faramarz Assef performed “Ey Aroose Ziba,” and Sattar sang “Shazdeh Khanoom.”

Andy then performed solo “Che Khoshgel Shodi Emshab” and an Armenian song for his bride Shani, who herself sang the Persian classic “Gole Sangam” for him.

Shani’s dress was designed by designer Simin. The planning was done by Zare who also did hair and makeup for the bride. Armen Asadorian did the pre-wedding photo-shoots and provided photography services along with Navid Soheilian.

The guest list included: Sattar, Shahram Shabpareh, Shahbal Shabpareh, Shahram Solati, Faramarz Assef, Kouros, Mansour, Kamran & Hooman, Farshid Amin, Pyruz, Shahab Tiam, Essi, Ali Danial, Sepideh, Jaklin Vigen, Kamran Delan, Elcid, Nami, Alireza Amirghassemi, Hamid Shabkhiz, Koroush Bibian, Jahangir Tabriaee, Vartan Avanessian, Shahbod Nouri, Ahmad Masoud, Sina Bigdeli, Behrouz Deravi, Masoud Jamali, Armin Hashemi, Koji Zadori, Eslam Shams, Nader Rafiee, Vida Heravi, Mehran Abde-Shah, Pooria Niakan, Leila Milani, Behzad Bolour, and Dr. Farhang Holakouee.