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Finally Tying The Knot – Andy & Shani

Finally Tying The Knot – Andy & Shani

The Iranian Pop Singer is tying the knot this weekend with his beautiful girlfriend Shani for 17 years!  Here are some highlights from the interview that had with Andy! We just heard about your wedding this week. You have sang about beautiful “Dokhtar Irooni” (Iranian girls). How come you got hooked by an American girl?

Andy (with a smile): First I have to inform everyone that my girlfriend for 17 years, Shani Rigsbee, had already become an honorary Iranian! She loves me, the Persian culture, music, food, etc. anyway. Secondly, love cuts across logical, religious, and national boundaries. Humans may seem different than us from a distance, but up close and personal, they are mostly like us, and share same likes, dislikes, etc.

I have known Shani for about 18 years and been her boyfriend for about 17 years. So we have practically lived like a committed married couple and taken care of our two dogs and three horses. We are not that religious or traditional but our decision for matrimony came after a year of sad news such as death of Shani’s grandmother, Shani’s illness, loss of our two dogs, etc. We thought the marriage and wedding process is a joyful event which can infuse positive energy into our lives and our families’, and fans’. Why did then such happy news come so suddenly?

Andy: Our wedding ceremonies start exactly at 11:11:11 on 11/11/11 (November 11, 2011). Those who believe in astrology find this exact time and date very auspicious. So we picked that time. We sent invitations to a large number of family members and friends including many Iranian celebrities. Unfortunately, the venue’s 500 capacity was filled within a day of receiving RSVPs so unfortunately some of our dear friends including some Iranian celebrities cannot be with us on the wedding. However, the wedding and events leading to it, such as Shani’s choice of wedding gown or wedding cake, etc. will be taped, and parts may be sent to The entire footage would be available on GLWiz as a pay-per-view program.

Congratulations to dearest Andy and Shani…wishing them the best!