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Announcing Your Engagement

Announcing Your Engagement

He popped the question, you said yes, and after basking in the newly engaged glow privately, you’re ready to tell friends, family, and the world that you and your significant other are planning to tie the knot. So how do you do it?

Announcing your exciting news should be done in a specific order, because the last thing you want is those closest to you finding out from a coworker or, worse, the newspaper, that something so momentous is occurring in their loved one’s life.

Your kids, parents, and other close relatives should be the first to know, before any social media announcements or newspaper listings. In person is best, although a phone call can work if anyone is farther away than a day trip. Don’t tell anyone, even coworkers the next day, before you speak to those closest to you. You can permanently alter a relationship by not showing the person just how important they are to you with a personalized announcement.

For business acquaintances, less personal friends, and others, engagement announcements are a fantastic, relatively personal idea to spread the good news. Once these are sent out and a reasonable amount of time has passed so that you’re sure they’ve been received, proceed with the newspaper announcement of your choice.

Now on to the fun part: the party! As long as you specify that gifts are a no-go and you completely foot the bill, throwing your own engagement party can be a great way to include friends, family, and even acquaintances in your happiness, while making them happy as well. Both small gatherings at home or all-out restaurant or ball room affairs can be fun, exciting, and the start of what will likely be a long, and memorable, journey to the alter.