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Aqua and Peach Colours for Summer Weddings

Aqua and Peach Colours for Summer Weddings

Choosing a colour or motif for your grand wedding is painstaking task. It will literally take you hours, days, even weeks for some, just to come up with an idea of a “perfect” and “dream” wedding. In choosing a colour, there are numerous factors to consider before picking a base colour or a colour combination for your wedding. If you are considering the psychology of colours as well as the season of your wedding, you will emphatically have a hard time finalizing your decision on what colour should it be.

If you are planning to have a summer wedding, where the venue is along the seashore or a hotel near a body of water, you might want to consider the combination of the colours aqua and peach. This combination became a hot topic and trend to a majority of couples that want a unique and memorable summer wedding. The colours aqua and peach coordinated very well to convey a mild summer feeling. Mild in the sense that the peach is a great touch of tangerine and it is a perfect accent or focal colour when it is matched with aqua. Peach does not give a warm feeling, thus when matched with aqua, the combination becomes milder. So if you want to show the true essence of summer – which is “Even if when summer brings warmth (peach), there will be something that will quench it (aqua)”. Of course, that is just one of the numerous explanations you can tag with the colours aqua and peach.

If you are to choose aqua and peach as a colour scheme, it is up to you to choose which one of these colours will be used as the focal colour and the accent colour. Some say that it is prettier when the aqua becomes the main colour because it is not that far from the traditional white – which is a symbol of purity. Aqua conveys tranquillity and calmness, plus the fact that it is not hurtful in the eye. It is like saying “the calmness of the sea is the one thing you will wish for when it’s summer”. Psychologically, aqua signifies the creative and intelligent personality. So if you want to show a savvy charisma and creative tone, pick aqua as the focal colour. Also, if you are the type of person who wants to go with the flow but occasionally makes a firm decision, aqua is the right colour for you. This denotes a message like “I am firm and certain in my decision to get married”. On the other hand, if you are to choose peach as the focal colour, you are preferring warmth over calmness, fun and adventure over peace.

Psychologically speaking, peach represents being warm, lively, youthful and easy going. It is a popular choice of those who are getting married early. Also, the colour peach tends to stimulate the appetite. So if you want your guests to have a happy stomach after your summer wedding, try to pick this colour. Also, if you are the type of person who doesn’t give up easily and always open to communication, peach will help you to convey a message like “I am cheerful about getting married today, and I am ready for another adventure in my life.”