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Are Eyelash Extensions Right for your Wedding Day Look?

Are Eyelash Extensions Right for your Wedding Day Look?

One of the most recent trends for wedding day hair and beauty, eyelash extensions have become an increasingly popular alternative to fake eyelashes. Extensions are a great way to make your eye pop and add visual appeal for your bridal portraits, too. There are three types of eyelash extensions: silk, synthetic or mink.

What to Expect from the Process

A full set of extensions will take about two hours to complete in the salon, and can last all year with monthly touch ups.  The process is simple, but since the individual lashes are glued into place, it can take a while. There is no discomfort involved – you just need to sit with your eyes closed while the lashes are placed.

After Application Do’s and Don’ts

After the application of the extensions you should avoid swimming, showering, or any other exposure to water for 12 to 24 hours. This is because water can weaken the glue used and may cause the extensions to fall off prematurely.

You can get your lashes added a few weeks before your wedding so you get used to wearing them; they last a long time so they don’t have to be done at the last minute.

Common Questions about Eyelash Extensions

What are eyelash extensions for? Extensions enhance your natural lashes and create a lush, full lashline.

Will the glue harm my natural lashes? A common misconception is that eyelash extensions will damage or harm your natural eyelashes. This is simply not true. Extensions are attached to each eyelash and will fall out naturally when the natural eyelash falls out. As long as you avoid picking at, pulling, or excessively rubbing your eyelashes the extensions will not cause any harm to your natural lashes and will fall out naturally as they do.

Can extensions harm your vision? Extensions can’t impact your vision; the only possible problem is an allergic reaction and even the worst allergic reaction will only require a brief visit to the eye doctor and some eye drops as treatment. You also don’t need to worry about infections as any experienced technician will make sure one does not occur. Extensions are safe for contact lens wearers, too.

Does the glue get in your eyes? Another quick myth to clear up is the belief that glue will get in your eyes. The entire process takes place with your eyes closed so it is impossible for glue to get in your eyes.

Eyelash extensions can up the “WOW” factor for you and your bridesmaids on the big day and can be completed in advance, so you can have one less hair and beauty “to do” on your big day.