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Avoid Drama with Mother-In-Law During Wedding Planning

Avoid Drama with Mother-In-Law During Wedding Planning

Here is a topic that most brides-to-be struggle with during their wedding planning period.  Sure, you can be a hard-headed soon to be daughter-in-law and deal with it for the rest of your life, or simply, be a little more understanding and get along with her from the beginning.  We asked our brides for suggestions on how to avoid drama with mother-in-laws from day 1:

Avoid drama – Everything becomes extra sensitive when you are planning for your big day.  Something said by her might not mean much to you at a later time, but she said it while you are smack in the middle of finalizing your invitations and you go CRAZY.  Try to keep it calm and try your best to AVOID DRAMA……You get the final word, so no matter what she or anyone says, you get to decide.  Walk away or do whatever you need to do not to be caught in DRAMA over something as simple as that.

Include her in some of your planning – As much as we like to plan and do everything our way, by including her in one or more planning steps will make them feel SO MUCH BETTER.  They want to help and remember, this is a major event for them as well.  You are getting married to her son, so be a little more understanding and put yourself in their shoe.

Ask her for her opinions and suggestions – Why not, she might come up with something really unique or suggest something that neither you nor none of your friends have thought of.

Offer you suggestions for her dress/gown for the big day – Let her know that she matters to you very much and you’d like to see her at her best on the big day.  Go shopping and have her try on dresses so you can give your opinion and suggestions on what you think she should wear or how she should do her, etc.

Have an open communication with her – Now and forever.  Be a friend to her and let her know that you want to have an open communication with her.  You are soon to be her daughter-in-law and you are bound to be in some sort of commission with her sometime in your lfe.  Why not talk about it now and promise one another that you will always be truthful and be honest.  Let her know that you want to know if you ever do something that she feels disrespectful, etc.  And let her know that you would also like to discuss issues that might come up in the future at the time and not years later when 10 other issues have stocked up on top of another.

And last but not leased….many of our brides suggested for soon-to-be-brides who are already having issues with their mother-in-laws, to watch the movie Monster-in-Law with Jennifer Lopez.  It will put a smile on your lovely face at the end of the day!