You may be tying the knot, but that doesn’t mean that you need to hang up your rebel hat. From simple makeup and fashion solutions to cardinal rules that were made to be broken, use this go-to guide to break out your inner bad girl just in time for the newlywed phase…

Snag the “I’m with the Band” Vibe.

Use a kohl eyeliner on both your upper and lower lashes. Next, wet your fingertips, rubbing just enough to smudge. Allow your work to dry to reveal that “woke up in a motel” look… you know, without actually having to wake up next to a stranger. (Apparently, that’s totally frowned upon in this marriage thing.)

Eat Cookie Dough Straight Out of the Tube… Seriously. DO IT.

We know, we know. There’s that whole warning label thing and all, but seriously… you will be having plenty of super-hot sex during this first year of marriage and that will no doubt make you hungry. We aren’t talking salad hungry either. We are talking sugar and carbs hungry. After dieting and pilate-ing until your ass nearly fell off pre-wedding, your body will likely thank you for the treat. Besides, a cheat day here and there can actually kick-start your metabolism if you have sent your body into that dreaded “starvation mode” that can occur when you cut out too much fat in your diet.

Try a Devilish Shade of Red.

Red lips aren’t for the faint of heart and most women who shy away from red do so because they haven’t yet discovered the shade that works best for them. Much like choosing a hair color before taking the plunge, paying close attention to cool and warm tones can help you snag the shade that works for your skin tone. Picking a shade right for your undertones is the difference in lady-in-red and clown-baby-status.

Try on the “Bed Head” Look.

Skipping a wash day and using dry shampoo instead can help you to get that slept-in look that results from a night of throwing back shots of Jim Beam and losing your panties to the blades of the ceiling fan. (Don’t ask.) If you don’t have any dry shampoo lying around, do what everybody else who grew up in the early 90’s did. Roll across your bed a half-dozen times until you look like you got in a fight with a bear. Hey, who are we kidding? You are a newlywed. You probably are sporting this look right now and don’t need our help remembering to go rolling around in the hay.

Steal His Favorite Flannel Shirt.

Grunge is back and nothing makes you look like more bad-ass than not giving a single s@#!. Steal his favorite flannel shirt for a go-to fall look that makes you feel like Courtney in Kurt’s throwback plaid. If your hubs is much bigger than you, opt for an oversize fit instead to keep from looking like you are on your way to Walmart in a robe, curlers and slippers. (Not a good look.) American Eagle does a great flannel throwback look that genuinely looks and feels vintage. Try that instead.

Even after “I do”, you don’t have to be a good girl to be a good wife. In fact, keeping the bad girl in you alive will keep your marriage fresh and exciting. After all, it was every little part of you that he fell in love with. We’d venture to say that the rebel-without-a-cause side is probably his favorite.