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Hair and Beauty Hacks From The Grocery Isle

Hair and Beauty Hacks From The Grocery Isle

When it comes to hair and beauty, there are endless waves of advice. Sometimes it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the knowledge and let even the greatest tips and tricks slip right out of your mind. Below is a collection of 3 tried and true tips all in one place for you to make up a shopping list so you can try them all immediately.

Coconut Oil (extra virgin, non-hydrogenated or bleached)

Uses: For when feet aren’t ready for summer shoes

According to an online health magazine, coconut oil is perfect for dry, cracked skin like women often find on their feet. To get those tootsies ready for flip-flops and sandals, rub a generous amount of the oil on the dry patches on your feet and then slip on some socks. This is great to do before bedtime because by morning you’ll notice a dramatic change in the look and feel of your skin.


Uses: Hair Growth and acne treatment

Honey has long been considered an important part of a diet, especially for those who suffer with allergies. Otolaryngologists, or doctors specializing in the treatment of allergies, might suggest a patient eat honey developed in the area near them so that the pollen might night bother them so dramatically every spring. Aside from helping people on the inside, honey has a great history of helping on the outside as well.

Honey can help hair grow and fight dandruff by making your scalp healthy. A combination of honey and oil can boost hair’s shine and give it a few extra inches if added to a regimen of proper hair care.

As an added bonus, honey also offers relief to acne sufferers. Dabbing a bit of honey on trouble spots and letting it sit for at least an hour before rinsing with room temperature water should offer results by as early as the next morning.


Uses: For just about anything really from your head to your toes

Vaseline has been a hidden weapon in a woman’s arsenal since the beginning of time. It can be swiped across teeth to form a protective barrier from lipstick stains. It can add moisture to split-ends between visits to the salon. When applied to earlobes, it can make inserting earrings easier if you don’t wear them very often. If applied around the hairline, it can provide projection for the skin when applying dying your hair. Vaseline can prevent peeling after a sunburn if applied directly to the area to help lock in moisture.

The list truly goes on for days if you’re looking for things to help you enhance your beauty without emptying your pockets. These three things can help with the driest and spottiest of the usual beauty battles.