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The Benefits of Facial Massage

The Benefits of Facial Massage

A facial massage is a relaxing experience with many benefits including reduced signs of aging, acne and nasal congestion. A massage to the facial region works well because the face is filled with a large number of nerves working together to help you experience pleasure. They also help to regulate the blood flow throughout the facial region, decreasing the number of unwanted facial issues that you encounter.

Increased Circulation

Even the lightest touch on your face with a massage cream or oil can increase the circulation in your face. The better the circulation, the faster your face begins to heal whether from dry skin, acne or even wrinkles. The more oxygen that is brought to the surface of the skin through massage, the easier the face can heal.

Relax and Take a Breath

Stress affects the appearance of your face by providing it with unwanted wrinkles. The more stress that you experience, the tighter the muscles in your face become, causing you to experience many wrinkles. A gentle massage on your face can help to relax those muscles. If you perform your own facial massage to prevent wrinkles, make sure that you are always moving in an upward motion in order to fight gravity.

Feel Better

If you suffer from chronic nasal congestion, chances are you also have excessive puffiness in certain areas of your face. With a facial massage, the mucus is drained from your face, allowing the puffiness to decrease and you to feel better overall.

A facial massage can be performed on your own or by a professional. For the most relaxing benefits, let a professional massage away your stress, wrinkles and acne, while you enjoy the relaxing touch. Your face is very receptive to touch and will respond in a positive way!