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I Do to Better Skin with these 3 Weird-But-Effective Skin Savers

I Do to Better Skin with these 3 Weird-But-Effective Skin Savers

Crow’s feet, frown lines and elements… oh my! The last thing that you want on your “I do” day is a zit… or worse… a new wrinkle. Whether you have a month wait until your nuptials or you have a whole year to kill, here are 3 weird-but-effective skin savers to help you look years younger without going under the knife – or the needle…

Beauty Rollers

Sure… these Asian-born skin tools look more like a torture device than a beauty product, but they are still a much smaller needle option than you will find at the dermatologist… and are even dermatologist-recommended. From tiny .5 depths to lengthier 2.0, you simply roll the dermaroller across your face in a variety of directions to create the beginning stages of repair. Apply retinol and other products post-roll to see even better results and you will see smoother skin in as little as 4 weeks with better results over time.

Broke-Open Vitamin E Capsules

You may already take vitamin in pill form, but if you break open a capsule… it can serve as a great nighttime treatment to help fight wrinkles. Use nightly for wrinkle-free skin. If you notice the oil breaks your skin out, switch to every other night applications.

At-Home Laser Treatments

We know what you are thinking… “ouch” and “no”, but if you can put up with the twinge of pain, at-home laser products can give you in-office results. Ranging from $199 to $499, if you are willing to shell out a little extra change you can get quick, effective results to a smoother complexion by wedding day.

From elaborate fixes like skin lasering to simple solutions like vitamin E, if you get started on improving your skin today… you’ll be ready or your close-up come “I do” day.