Newlyweds spend a lot of time in the bedroom… well, at least they should – but if you are like the whopping 80% of women who do not always like what they see in the mirror, you may be spending less time than you’d like between the sheets. Whether you are concerned with a little post-wedding weight gain or are just going through one of those “avoid-the-mirror-at-all-costs” phases, these 3 hints can help you stop obsessing and let go in the bedroom…

Exercise Pre-Romp For a Feel-Good Mood Boost… And An Instant Perk.

Not only does sweating it out in the gym keep you healthy and looking great, it also boosts your feel-good endorphins which can curb anxiety in as little as 10 minutes of cardio. While you will not see cardio results in the mirror right away, doing a set of weighted squats will give you that “pumped up” effect that makes the area you just worked look higher, tighter and rounder. Enjoy it… it only lasts a few hours to a few days but if you stay at it and you’ll see longer-lasting results that will ultimately boost your confidence even more.

Be an Actress… And Keep It To Yourself.

Fantasizing about other people while being intimate with your spouse is super-bad for your marriage… obviously. However, pretending to be someone else for a while may actually help you get to the big O. Being conscious of your body takes you out of the mood fast and science has proven that, for women, an orgasm is just as much mental as it is sexual. If you are preoccupied with how you look… you’ll never get there. Some sex therapists say that it can help for you to pick an actress that you think is seductive and pretend for a while. In your own head of course. Pretending to be someone else (no need to disclose it to your spouse) can help you stop focusing on your perceived flaws and focus on your sexuality. It might sound strange but it works.

It’s Your Body… You Can Choose What You Show.

A lot of us are under the impression that sex has to happen completely in the buff… but the truth is that you can choose what you show and how you show it. Love your chest but hate your stomach? Try a cup-less bodice. Self-conscious about a smaller chest? Go for a flouncy ruffle bra that adds volume. Don’t like your hips? Try wearing a skirt and heels to bed. When you feel beautiful… you’ll be more into it and when you are into it… he’ll be more into it too.

No matter what has you feeling less than excited about getting, well, excited… remember, we all have things that we don’t like about ourselves. You are not alone… but you ARE beautiful. Do what works for you and experiment until you find that something that helps you let go and let your spouse your rock your world. Trust us – you’ll thank us later.