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Calorie-conscious Best Bets at the Bar

Calorie-conscious Best Bets at the Bar

Parties, weddings, birthdays, holidays, happy hour… all events you want to partake in, but how can you enjoy the festivities without ruining your diet? Between the fab hors d’oeuvres and the calorie-laden drinks, your happy hour could undo a week of spin class.

Here’s a list of helpful tips that let you enjoy the festivities without breaking the calorie bank.

  • Always go for club soda (seltzer) over tonic water – tonic water has calories; seltzer is just bubbly water. No calories, plus you’re hydrating! So trade out your gin & tonic for a gin & soda water.
  • If margaritas are your thing, go for on the rocks instead of frozen and watch the calories melt away. For a more significant reduction, get your tequila on the rocks with club soda and lime.
  • Fancy a piña colada but know those creamy drinks are bound to take a toll? Get the same flavor with vodka & pineapple juice instead.
  • From a purely calorie-related standpoint, white wine is a little better choice than red, though you miss out on all the other health properties that red wine provides. To whittle the calories even further, order a white wine spritzer, made with pinot grigio, club soda, and a slice of lime.
  • Light beer is actually not the worst choice.
  • Beware the fancy shots! Most hard liquor comes in between 90-100 calories per 1.5 oz, but making it taste like birthday cake adds a ton of sweeteners. A straight shot is always your best bet, calorie-wise.
  • A classic screwdriver is still a relatively harmless choice with vodka, orange juice, and seltzer. Bonus points if the juice is fresh-squeezed with no further sweetening.
  • For the champagne lovers out there, fear not; it’s still always a good idea. Go ultra brut to save on sugar.

Now your alcohol-consumption is sorted, all you have to do is manage your time at the buffet!