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Candy Station for your Big Day

Candy Station for your Big Day

What a great idea! Several years ago the Tea Station became popular in Armenian weddings. Then became the Persian ice cream and ‘faloudeh’ station for those ice cream lovers and now is the Candy Station which seems to be everyone’s favorite.

Set up a table at the reception hall and decorate the table with all sorts of candies, sweets, chocolates and treats. Use other decorative items to give your Candy Station a unique look. Also provide little baggies or favor containers of some sort to be used for the station.

Candy Stations are used for all occasions. But for your wedding, try to stick to one or two colors. Use different shapes of vases, jars and decorative pots to hold your candy. Also have nice serving spoons for each container. Add to the table some flowers that are being used in your centerpieces’ and make it your own peace of art!

This is a great way to serve sweets for desert after dinner and or it could substitute for favors. Your guests get to serve themselves or take some home!