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Celebrity fashion Inspires Us

Celebrity fashion Inspires Us

As much as¬†I like to tell myself I have¬†endless amounts of fabulous clothing, I know¬†its in no comparison¬†to Hollywood’s top celebrities closet’s.¬†Fashion is something I love!¬†I get fashion. I¬†see a top and can clearly envision¬†the best¬†piece to go with it. Fashion for me is fun.

However, fashion is more than just choosing the right shoes for a dress, but also how a person feels in the outfit. Which is why I love to see celebrity fashion. Celebrities have access to endless designers and are most definitely the trend setters!

Here are some of my absolute favorite fashionistas.

Lauren Conrad

I have been a fan of “L.C.” ever since her Laguna Beach¬†days. Lauren’s style can best be¬†described as cute, classic, and chic. She has her fashion line and her books which are full of great¬†and useful style tips. She can rock a simple shirt and jeans look, and then next be seen in a perfectly put together dress and strappy heel. Her look is simple and effortless!

Kim Kardashian

How could I not mention at least one of the Kardashian’s¬†when hello¬†we are talking fashion here! I’ll start by saying, I love how Kim Kardashian doesn’t just make me love her clothes, but also her hair and make up. For mostly¬†every look you will find perfectly done¬†make up¬†and a chic¬†hairstyle to complement it.¬†She has made many women more comfortable and confident with¬†having a “thicker”¬†body type. Kim Kardashian has truly made a mark in fashion.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has a¬†very sophisticated look and we love it! She is one women who knows how to dress. Her style is high fashion and fabulous.¬†My absolute favorite thing about Victoria Beckham’s clothing is¬†how the simplest pieces still look very¬†upscale. From her bags to her clothing we know whatever she designs¬†will result in an edgy and modern piece.

We¬†each have our favorite’s when it comes to celebrity fashion. We should each embrace our own style and realize it’s a great thing to find other’s who’s fashion inspires us.