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Changing your Last Name

Changing your Last Name

Keeping Your Maiden Name! Women who have established a professional career using their maiden name may choose to continue using that name; this is perfectly acceptable and legal in 49 states. Hawaii, the exception, requires that a woman declare her married name when signing the marriage license.

Using Both Names! It is possible for a woman to use her maiden name at work and career related functions, yet legally take her husband’s surname. The other option is to use the husband’s name for social and family purposes, and legally keep her maiden name.

Hyphenating Your Name! This option requires a hyphen after the bride’s maiden name followed by her husband’s name.

  • Name Change Checklist:
  • Auto registration
  • Bank account
  • Car insurance
  • Credit cards
  • Credit reporting agency
  • Deeds
  • Doctor/doctor records
  • Driver’s license
  • Employee records
  • IRS information
  • Life insurance policy
  • Memberships
  • Passports
  • Post office
  • Property titles
  • Social security card
  • Stock certificates
  • Voter registration
  • Will