2016 lifted our spirits and our hair color as well – from Rose Gold hair to pastel Rainbow inspired hair, the new sultry Chocolate-mauve Hair Trend is catching our attention and warming our beauty spirits!

In the midst of fall, New York hair colorist and owner of Brooklyn’s Brush in Hand Salon, Hannah Edelman graced us with her deliciously gorgeous chocolate-mauve color concept – and rightfully so, we are obsessed with the stunning tones of opulent browns and cool pinks! Using colorful hues, she inspired this concept by mixing brown tones with purple, orange, pink, and other shades from Pravana Vivids. She also used the balayage technique to maintain the uniqueness of the color and allows the colors to blend and melt into each other. Aside from the fact that this hair trend is stunning, the fact that it is even mildly related to chocolate, makes us want to swoon over it more!

Unlike our current fave, pastel rainbow-colored hair, chocolate mauve hair grants us the perfect marriage of iridescent tones that blend harmoniously with rich dark natural hues that flatters every complexion. Chocolate-mauve hair extends the possibilities for brunettes who desire to liven up darker shades without the full commitment to an extensive bleaching treatment on the hair. Who said blondes had to have all the fun?!? This look is great for any bride this upcoming season! While the color is complex, the overall look is warm, strong, yet subtle, making it appropriate for the runway to the workplace.

Check out more chocolate mauve hair trendsetter looks. We are confident that we will see this hair color trend well into 2017!