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Classic v. Trendy Bridal Beauty Looks

Classic v. Trendy Bridal Beauty Looks

Your wedding is perhaps one of the most monumental days of your life. You and your significant other are committing yourselves to someone you hope to spend the rest of your lives with. The two of you will plan out all of the details for the ceremony, reception, and style of the wedding. One of the style aspects that will be personal for your wedding plans is your beauty look. The question is: should you go classic or trendy with your bridal beauty look?

The Argument for a Classic Bridal Beauty Look

Classic bridal beauty generally is a beauty look to enhance your natural features. The key aspects of a classic bridal beauty look are dazzling eyes, a glowing complexion, and a neutral lip color. A classic look doesn’t consist of trendy colors or a particular style of application. A classic bridal beauty palette is made up of natural makeup hues. Classic bridal beauty looks are viewed as the better option by wedding stylists of today. The reason for this is because your wedding photos won’t appear dated in the decades to come. Sticking to a simple, classic makeup style that merely enhances your natural beauty features will be timeless for many years moving forward.

The Argument for a Trendy Bridal Beauty Look

Trendy bridal beauty looks are often made up of specific lip or eye makeup colors. They may also involve a certain method of makeup application. While many beauty and style experts insist that sticking to a classic beauty look is better, there is certainly reason to go trendy for your bridal beauty look. Going with a trendy beauty look on your wedding day can make you appear iconic to the time frame of your wedding. If you like staying current with beauty trends or like having makeup that reflects your personality, then a trendy bridal beauty look might be a fitting option for you. You should never try a trend on the wedding day though. Test out various makeup trends before the wedding. Select the one that complements your features best.

A classic or trendy makeup look for your wedding should be your decision and not the opinion of any wedding stylist. You could even go with a combination of a classic beauty look with one current makeup trend added. Ultimately, choose exactly what speaks to you for your makeup look on the most important day of your life.