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Colors of the Season – Grey and Muted Purple

Colors of the Season – Grey and Muted Purple

An indispensable part of wedding planning is choosing the overall color. It will help to set the general mood and feel of the entire wedding, a little like summarizing what you want your wedding to be in a very visual way. In fact, if you decide on the color scheme early on in your planning, it will probably help to resolve petty little dilemmas that will crop up later on.

Now, I would like to suggest a very romantic and mysterious color combination – grey and muted purple. This is perfect for those who want a dignified wedding but also one still loaded with romanticism and a touch of mystery. It might be a tad odd to suggest such a subdued palette for summer, the season of vibrancy, but imagine this: a sea of lavenders swaying to the wind just after dusk. What better to capture the heart of summer?

Purple is probably one of the most complex colors there is. It is the combination of two opposing hues: red and blue; it is the marriage of lively passion and soothing tranquility. Placed in a room of purple, one will feel a cooling sense of control and, with it, an inexplicable sense of liveliness. Layer this color with some grey, giving you a muted purple, and you get a color which will lend some gravitas to your wedding. One thing to note is that you should be careful when selecting the hue of the muted purple. A purple with too much red might upset the balance and liveliness will become agitation. On the other hand, too much blue and cool-headedness might fall into gloominess.

Some might be reluctant to use grey in a wedding but purple alone might be too bright and intense, even bordering on being too gaudy; so, it needs to be balanced by varying shades of grey, lending it the dignity often associated with grey. Plus, by toning down the purple, you will be able to bring out a sense of mysticism, otherwise clouded by the intensity of the color. If you are worried that your wedding might be too somber because of the greys, you can liven it up a bit with whites carrying purplish undertones. Having bits of pink with bluish undertones around the place also adds a nice feminine touch. I, personally, like the idea of an evening ceremony in muted purple and grey with nice white candles to enhance the sense of mystery.