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Considering a Temporary Tattoo? Here’s What You Need to Know

Considering a Temporary Tattoo? Here’s What You Need to Know

Why Choose a Temporary Tattoo?

Temporary tattoos are a great way to alter your appearance without making a lifelong commitment. There are several reasons a temporary tattoo could be the right choice for you.

Trial Run

Many people choose to apply temporary tattoos in the same location as they would a permanent one as a way of seeing how they like the look of it before committing. Not only does this ensure that your tattoo will be the perfect fit for you, but it could potentially save you a lot of money in the long run.


Temporary tattoos have become a part of many popular celebrations, including bachelorette and birthday parties. A recent trend is for several partygoers to wear the same temporary tattoo as a way of letting others know that they are all apart of the same group.

Fashion Statement

Temporary tattoos can be the perfect way to accessorize your outfit. Consider a temporary tattoo the same way you would a great pair of shoes or a scarf—choose a temporary tattoo that complements your style for any given occasion and then remove it later. This is an especially popular option during the summer festival season. Check out these celebrities who have worn temporary tattoos as a part of their outfit.

Types of Temporary Tattoos

If you have decided a temporary tattoo is a good fit for you, there are several options available:


Airbrush tattoos are applied using a stencil and airbrushing system. Contact your local tattoo parlor to see if they have temporary airbrush options. If not, you can easily purchase a stencil and airbrushing kit online. Invite a friend over and make a night of it!

Professional Henna

Henna is the art of applying plant dye to decorate one’s body. It is easily recognized by its intricate patterns and muted colors. Although henna is a temporary option, it also tends to last a lot longer than most other temporary tattoos. Professionally applied henna is beautiful and takes a keen eye.

Do-it-Yourself Henna

DIY henna gets its own category because it is a very different type of experience than professionally or traditionally applied henna. DIY henna kits are available at many retailers and can be a fun activity to do with friends. It is also an opportunity to learn a new skill.


Many people find that the quickest and most affordable way to apply a temporary tattoo is by using the makeup they already own. Consider using a colored eyeliner or lipliner to create the design you want. Just be sure to spray the area with makeup setting spray to help ensure it lasts through the day.

Peel and Stick

Perhaps the most widely known form of temporary tattoo is the traditional peel and stick. You probably remember these from your childhood—well, they aren’t only for kids! There are several options for buying peel and stick tattoos online or even designing your own.