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Dianna Muradyan – Certified Life Coach with Medifast

Dianna Muradyan – Certified Life Coach with Medifast

I can say this probably is the healthiest way and most effective way to loose weight FAST for your Big Day!

I usually hear about many diet plans that are fast and effective and how brides-to-be are able to take advantage of these changes to shed some pounds for the Big Day. However, seeing Medifast first hand with its Weight Management System I cannot emphasize how effectively this works and actually trains your body to avoid the sugars and unnecessary junk that we consume on daily basis. You see immediate results!

I would like to introduce Dianna Muradyan as a Certified Health Coach with Medifast and I cannot emphasize how professional and knowledgeable she is in her profession. Her goal is not to sell, it is strictly to help others with the weight loss process including the mental readiness and physical changes to daily lifestyle. Her way of motivating people and the positive personality that she brings along with her profession. She is a life friend during and in the process and will continue to motivate you and your life lessons throughout your life.

Contact Diana Muradyan at 818-613-3234 and get to know her.