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3 Easy DIY Hairstyles For Your Destination Wedding

3 Easy DIY Hairstyles For Your Destination Wedding

Your wedding day is quickly approaching – which means you’ve bought about 20 magazines, made 18 Pinterest boards, taken secret cell phone snaps of the incredible floral arrangements at your co-worker’s ceremony, and had a wedding movie Netflix binge.

You’re completely prepared for the big day – except for one minor detail. You’re having a destination wedding on a secluded beach and the nearest stylist is 60 miles inland. What’s a girl to do when her perfect bridal hair must be done in a quaint bungalow overlooking the coast with only a bridesmaid or two there for moral support?

The answer is – kick back, relax, and whip your hair up into one of these three easy styles that come together faster than you can say, “I do!”

The Side Bun

This one is a favorite due to its simplicity and versatility. It can be done sleekly for a more refined style or curled to create a soft and romantic look – depending on your wedding vibe. It works well with all hair types too!

  1. Part your hair where you’d like. This style looks very cute with a center part or a side part, so pick whichever you like best. (See? I told you it was versatile!)
  2. If you want a curly, textured look – curl your hair with a 3/4″ to 1″ barrel curling iron or wand and spray lightly with a workable hair spray. Want it sleeker and more sophisticated? Smooth your hair with a flat iron.
  3. Sweep your hair over to the side of your neck and secure it in a low ponytail with a clear elastic band at the nape. (If you’ve chosen to part your hair on the side, secure the bun on the side opposite the part line so the bun sits on the side that the hair has been swept to.)
  4. If you’re going with the sleeker style – twist or braid the ponytail down as low as you can and secure it with another clear elastic band. Then, simply loop it around into a bun and bobby pin it in place – taking care to tuck the bottom elastic band underneath in order to hide it.
  5. If you went with the curled style – gather the ponytail up into a messy bun and simply pin in place.
  6. Complete your look with a flower, hair piece or decorative hair pins around the low bun and spray with a harder holding hair spray to finish and set your style.
  • PRO-TIP  Place the bobby pins where your fingers are! If you’re holding your hair in a bun shape against your head, place the pins where your fingers are positioned. Once you let go, the shape you made with your hand will remain mostly in place and you’ll only need to pin a few stray hairs here or there to lock in your creation.

The Vintage Siren

This is a down-style for those brides who want to bring a little old-school romance to their big day. This style works well with all hair types and is especially nice for those who’ve chosen to wear clip-in or professionally installed hair extensions for the event.

  1. Part your hair wherever you’d like (though a heavier side part looks best with this look) and apply a light, workable hair spray to your dry hair to give it maximum hold potential.
  2. Using a 1″ to 1 1/2″ barrel curling iron or wand, curl your hair in a forward direction, working in 1″ sections around your entire head.
  3. Be sure to wrap each section of hair around the iron or wand in a spiral pattern until your iron sits vertically beside your head.
  4. Spray again with the same light, workable spray you started with and allow your hair to cool down completely – about 10 minutes.
  5. Once your hair is cool – lightly comb through with your fingers (for a looser, yet still curled effect) or a soft boar bristle brush (for a smoother, wave effect).
  6. Finish with a harder hold hair spray.
  • PRO-TIP – Want to incorporate a comb, clip or flower – but still wear your hair down? Sweep one side back and secure with a bobby pin, then cross another bobby pin over the top to reinforce it. The pins should make an ‘X’ shape on your head. Then, pin your decoration of choice over it to add a little something special.

The Ballerina Bun

This is a sleek and classic look that works very well if you’ve chosen to use a veil. It works with all hair types, but the size “donut” you purchase should be smaller for finer hair and on the larger side for thicker tresses. What’s a donut you ask? It’s an inexpensive styling-aid that looks just like, you guessed it, a donut. You can purchase them at any public beauty supply, online or even at some well-stocked drug stores.

  1. Using a boar bristle brush, brush hair until it is smooth and shiny. Then, brush it straight back into a ponytail and secure with a clear elastic band. Be sure to secure it where you’d like your bun to sit. You can do this look with the ponytail high on the top of your head, in the middle or low toward your nape. The choice is yours!
  2. Next, fish the ponytail through the hole in your donut and slide it to the very end.
  3. Fold the bottom of the ponytail over one side of the donut and then roll it down toward your scalp, continuing to feed your hair under with each roll, until you reach your scalp.
  4. Shuffle the now tightly wrapped hair that has become coiled around the donut until your hair is completely covering it from sight – creating a perfectly round bun.
  5. Pin around the bottom of the bun to secure it to your head.
  6. Place your veil, flowers or decorative combs/pins beneath the bun and secure with a harder hold hair spray.
  • PRO-TIP – Forgot to buy a hair donut? No problem! Sacrifice one of your spouse-to-be’s (clean!) tube or dress socks by carefully snipping off the toe and then roll it into the shape of a donut. His left foot might get cold, but its a small price to pay for wedding hair success!

Every bride has a vision of how she’ll look on her big day and hair is a huge part of that picture. Following these tips can leave wedding hair off of your checklist of things to sweat over so you can focus on what’s important – enjoying one of the happiest days of your life.

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