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DIY: Heatless Curls

DIY: Heatless Curls

Soft curls and waves are an elegant, classic look that can add volume and bounce to hair. Though it may seem tempting for people with naturally straight or loosely wavy hair to reach for the curling iron or hot roller, daily use of heat products can damage hair over time. There are several heatless options available that can provide beautiful curls and waves without the damage – and some of them may also save on styling time.

French Braid Waves

Starting with towel-dried hair, part the hair normally and braid the hair into French braids on either side. Air-drying braided hair can take considerably longer than hair worn down, so showering at night can allow your hair to try while you sleep. In the morning, gently undo the braids and finger-comb the waves. A spritz of sea salt spray or pomade can hold the wavy look in place. Tip: braiding the hair with consistent tightness will create a uniform look. It is also important to braid the hair as far as possible to avoid having straight ends.

Pin Curls

Separate towel-tried hair into six sections on the head – three on top, and three on bottom. Twist each section of hair continuously in the same direction, and after a few complete turns it will begin to loop onto itself, creating a sort of beehive look. The beehive buns can be pinned into place with bobby pins. For loose waves, separate the hair into fewer sections, and for tighter curls, spin smaller twists of hair. Tip: to avoid frizz, consider wearing a silken scarf over the hair as it dries.

Sock Bun Curls

Begin by rolling a sock onto itself until it forms a doughnut shape. You may need to cut the sock if there is excess material. After securing towel-dried hair into a ponytail, place the hair through the loop of the sock and pull the sock until it has reached the end of the hair. Next, roll the hair around the outside of the sock toward the scalp until the entire length of the ponytail is contained on the sock. When the hair has completely dried, simply unroll the hair, take town the ponytail, and finger-comb the waves, spraying them in place. Tip: a loose ponytail will produce a more natural look than a tighter ponytail, which may make roots limp.

Styling hair without using heat is a great way to maintain hair health, reduce damage, and allow long hair to grow out with minimal breakage or frizz. Well maintained and gently treated hair will reflect the care it has been given.